Saturday, March 14, 2015

Potty Training or Buying Stock in Swiffer

Potty training can go suck a dick.

This is day 2 of pissy floor hell.  Bird is doing slightly better with it, but only because I'm harassing my toddler.  Literally, harassing her.  Ever.Single.Second.

"Sweetie, make sure you tell Momma if you have to go peeps, okay?  We want to stay dry!"
"Sweetie? Did you hear me?"

It's almost as if I was invited to an R. Kelly party mid 00's.

My floors have never been so clean.  My furniture has been bleached more times than a porn stars ass-hole. I have no idea why I decided this was the time to try potty training.  But, we're knee deep in day 2 so I might as well try until Monday night.  School starts on Tuesday for her and hopefully, we'll learn about the 'urge' and the 'need' and all of this 'listen to your body' nonsense.

In other news, I have remained strong with my no-faceybookness.  It's weird not knowing what the fuck my 'friends' are doing every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  Oddly enough, I also haven't heard from anyone either.  Granted, I'm not reaching out either so I can't really complain.  Solitude with toddler is my friend.

I don't feel like I've gained hours of my life back or that I've really accomplished anything other than adding to my antisocialness.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pulling the plug

I have decided to remove Facebook from my life. The plug is to be pulled  this Saturday evening.

This hardly seems like a happening worthy of a post,  however,  Facebook has become a sort of an addiction to me.  I'm not alone.  

Facebook and other social media has dehumanized us.  Birthdays are remembered by a friendly Facebook notice.  We check in on sick friends and family by looking for a status update. We respond to events with a mere click of a button  (although,  that feature is very convenient). What happened to a phone call, dropping by with some soup for an ill friend?  A paper birthday invitation?  A thank you note?

This urge to get back to a simpler time has been tugging at me for some time.   It seems to have started with my first time reading about tiny houses.  Living so freely with what you need and without excess.  Having less money going out towards bills and being able to retain your money.

The idea of getting back to pre-Facebook times seems so appealing.  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm fat.
Like, 200 lbs on a 5'2 frame fat.
Like, walking up my stairs hurts my everything fat.

I downloaded (and paid for ugh) Noom coach for food tracking, exercise etc.  I was doing good until I noticed I have been going WAY over a normal calorie amount.  Think:

Normal =1200 calories
Cassadra=2500 calories.

Double plus.  Insane right?  I never realized JUST HOW BAD everything I put in my mouth (hehe) was.  If not for anything other than coming to this realization, it was a good lesson learned.

Today, Bird and I are heading to Target to get some veggies and random shit we need.  I have 7lb head of cabbage to make a pot o' fat burning soup with.  Rumor has it, this is a SUPER weight loss method and if I recall, a friend did it with success.  I like soup and I like losing weight.  I shall attempt to track my weight loss via this.  Also, figure I'll try to eat less....a lot less. Not off to a good start BUT..yeah.