Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm fat.
Like, 200 lbs on a 5'2 frame fat.
Like, walking up my stairs hurts my everything fat.

I downloaded (and paid for ugh) Noom coach for food tracking, exercise etc.  I was doing good until I noticed I have been going WAY over a normal calorie amount.  Think:

Normal =1200 calories
Cassadra=2500 calories.

Double plus.  Insane right?  I never realized JUST HOW BAD everything I put in my mouth (hehe) was.  If not for anything other than coming to this realization, it was a good lesson learned.

Today, Bird and I are heading to Target to get some veggies and random shit we need.  I have 7lb head of cabbage to make a pot o' fat burning soup with.  Rumor has it, this is a SUPER weight loss method and if I recall, a friend did it with success.  I like soup and I like losing weight.  I shall attempt to track my weight loss via this.  Also, figure I'll try to eat less....a lot less. Not off to a good start BUT..yeah.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gimme yo' Numba

What to write? What to write?  I feel like there's so many things that I should write about, yet nothing is coming to the forefront.

Bird started pre-school.  I cried more than she did.
I still have my part time gig, and it still doesn't suck.

I went on a date after signing up for a dating website.  I honestly HATE dating.  I hate it.  Perhaps I expect someone intelligent and amazing to come across my profile and want to swoop us away.  Instead, I get people who can't write to save their lives.  Guys that clearly didn't read my well crafted profile tidbits, nor read the "Don't message me if you want casual sex." disclaimer.

Nope, weirdos and oddballs, please!  Message me!  Tell me how you like fat chicks and you'd love to get it in.  Better yet, get pissed because I won't give you my number.  Sheesh.

I should give up on that but a part of me enjoys the few that come through that attempt to write a well thought out message.  Those, few as they are, give me that little oomf I need.

I've managed to devour almost a whole bag of Jelly Belly candies (the BIG bag too) in about, oh...2 nights?

Oh!  I have glasses now too.  I look smarter.

That's all I got.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Well that was Short Lived

I get to my night job and they let me go.  No reasons given although I speculate that I just rubbed the manager the wrong way OR she wanted to give the hours to those she liked more

Am I upset? Slightly. Not that that particular job let me go, but that now I'm in a tight spot again for Bird.

Tomorrow starts the hunt again.  I am just so sick of this never getting ahead thing.  I need to get a degree or something, like a skill.  I may look Into dental hygiene

I'm so so tired.  Something has got to give.  I really am tempted to pack is up and go